Surface Snow Melt

Raychem and Pyrotenax cable surface snow melting systems provides snow melting for concrete, asphalt, and pavers. These systems include heating cable, junction boxes, a control system and sensors, power distribution, and the tools neccesary for a complete installation. Contact our team today for help on your next project!

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ElectromeltRaychem ElectroMelt System
The Raychem ElectroMelt System performs snow melting and anti-icing in concrete pavement. The heating cable's output is reduced automatically as the pavement warms, so there is no possibility of failure due to overheating.


HDPE MI Pic1Pyrotenax MI System
Pyrotenax HDPE Jacketed Copper MI System is a copper-sheathed mineral insulated heating cable coated with a high density polyethylene for embedded concrete or asphalt snow melting applications. The series-type technology, inherent to all mineral insulated heating cables, provides a reliable and consistent heat source that is ideal for embedded snow melting applications.

Download IconCable & Components Downloads [PDF]


Datasheets [PDF]
  ElectroMelt Heating Cable Datasheet
  ElectroMelt Connection Kits Datasheet
  MI Snowmelt Heating Cable Datasheet
  MI Snowmelt Components Datasheet

Installation Operation and Maintenance Manuals [PDF]
  ElectroMelt Installation and Operation Manual
  EMK-XP Installation Manual
  EMK-XS Installation Manual
  EMK-XEJ Installation Manual
  EMK-XJR Installation Manual
  MI Snowmelt Installation and Maintenance Manual
  SMCS (Snow Melt Caution Sign) Installation Manual

Design Guides [PDF]
  ElectroMelt Heating Cable Design Guide
  MI Snowmelt Heating Cable Design Guide

Specification Sheet [PDF]
  MI Snowmelt Heating Cable Specification Sheet


Download IconElectronic Controller Downloads [PDF]


ACS 30The ACS-30 Advanced Commercial Control System is a state of the art, multi-circuit electronic control & monitoring system.
  ACS-30 Datasheet [PDF]
  ACS-UIT2 Installation Manual [PDF]
  ACS-PCM2-5 Installation Manual [PDF]


APS 3CThe APS-3C provides effective, economical automatic control of snow melting applications for walkways, ramps, driveways, gutters and downspouts.
  APS-3C Datasheet [PDF]



APS 4CThe APS-4C provides effective, economical automatic control of snow melting systems including those for gutter and down spouts. The APS-4C comes with built-in 30 mA ground-fault protection.
  APS-4C Datasheet [PDF]


PD ProThe PD Pro is an automatic snow and ice melting control system.
  PD Pro Datasheet [PDF]




GF PROThe GF Pro is an automatic snow and ice melting control system. Featuring built-in 30mA, self-testing Ground Fault Equipment Protection (GFEP), digitally filtered to minimize false tripping.
  GF Pro Datasheet [PDF]


Download IconMoisture Sensor Downloads [PDF]


CIT 1The CIT–1 Snow Sensor detects falling or blowing snow as precipitation at temperatures below 38°F.
  CIT-1 Datasheet [PDF]



GIT 1The GIT-1 Gutter Ice Sensor is for use in an automatic ice melting control system for gutters and downspouts employing an APS-3B or APS-4 Control Panel. Heaters operate only while required thus saving energy and ensuring reliable ice melting.
  GIT-1 Datasheet [PDF]


SIT 6EThe SIT-6E Pavement-Mounted Sensor signals for the heating cable to turn on when the pavement temperature falls below 38ºF and precipitation, in any form, is present.
  SIT-6E Datasheet [PDF]

Download IconPower Distribution Downloads [PDF]


Datasheets [PDF]
  HTPG Datasheet
  HTPI Datasheet
  SMPG1 Datasheet
  SMPG3 Datasheet



Com Guidecover Click here to download our Quick Reference Guide for Commercial Construction [PDF]






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