Strategic Partners

Applied Products TPG has strong partnerships with the industry leaders in the markets we serve.



Pentair Thermal Management is a global company providing optimal solutions for various applications involving heat tracing, floor heating, snow melting and de-icing, temperature measurement sensors, fire rated wiring products, and leak detection systems.

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Raychem brand of self-regulating and power-limiting heat-tracing products continue to be recognized as the finest in the world for the Industrial, Commercial, and Residential markets. Raychem is also a world leader in polymer science technology, with an impressive product portfolio that includes high temperature wire for jet aircraft, and heat-shrinkable polymers for electric insulation.

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DigiTrace provides Heat-Tracing Control and Monitoring Systems including innovative Single and Multipoint systems, as well as supervisory software.

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Environmental Technology, Inc. (ETI) has been the snow and ice melting leader for over 30 years. ETI offers a complete line of automatic controllers for snow melting and roof & gutter de-icing applications.

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Established in 1949, Pyrotenax quickly became a leader in the field of manufacturing mineral-insulated cables and accessories for the wiring, heating, and temperature measurement industries. Currently, their applications include critical circuit cables for petrochemical, commercial, and industrial processing; critical life-safety circuit cables; pipe tracing; electronic controls; snow/ice melting; waterline freeze prevention; thermoelectric cables for temperature sensing and maintenance.

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TraceTek sensor cable systems offer high-integrity leak detection and precise location, provided by distributed rather than single point sensing. TraceTek is simple to install and is supported by a digital communication network for integration into building management systems.